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“I recommend Jeremy’s work effusively

to anyone ready to take their professional or personal life

to the next level of consciousness.”


Fred Kofman, LinkedIn, VP of Leadership linkedin-logo-white

20 years as the trusted advisor

to over 2000 senior executives globally.

We are the representative of the Wharton School of Business in

Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


For the past 2 years Jeremy has been an extraordinary advisor to our CEOs and senior executives from the leading private companies and public ministries.


Jeremy has the unique ability to immediately identify an executive’s untapped leadership potential and career potential, and guide them to recognize and activate these capacities.  He is also masterful at helping executives through significant career decisions and personal decisions.


Jeremy has my highest recommendation.”



Mette Laursen
CEO, LinKS linkedin-logo-new

Expert in unleashing executive potential.

Leadership DNA profile
Career DNA profile
Emotional Intelligence
Life Mission & Legacy 

I find that Jeremy brings tremendous clarity and directness

Working with Jeremy is very high value for me.”



Jennifer O’Lear

Director of Corporate HR, and Chief Diversity Officer
Merck Global Pharmaceutical

20 years advising executives
on their most pressing problems.


In my 15 years in business I have yet to find anyone with Jeremy’s range of expertise.


He is a remarkable executive advisor, thinking partner and someone who has truly helped me unlock the full potential of my professional life.


His expansive knowledge of a person’s unique Career DNA, human psychology, personal dilemmas and business issues, are only trumped by his deep wisdom and uncanny ability to assess people and situations.”


-Gordon Rudow Senior Partner Organizational Engagement, Lippincott linkedin-logo-new

Breakthrough DNA Method

What differentiates Jeremy from every other executive advisor is a world class innovation in executive advising called the Career DNA method.


Before you walk into your first session with Jeremy, he will already have a detailed understanding of your unique Career DNA and Leadership DNA: this is a clear picture of your professional talents, special abilities, career strengths, ideal career paths, ideal career environments, personal leadership style, leadership blindspots, personal blindspots, career challenges and business relationships challenges.


Clients find the Career DNA method is 10x times more specific and comprehensive than the MBTI, Hogan, DISC, or Strength Finder profiling tools, and does not require an extensive questionnaire to be filled out.


The Career DNA method allows Jeremy to arrive at specific solutions in one or two sessions that would otherwise take months to discover through a traditional executive coaching process.


Jeremy developed the Career DNA method in 1996 while working with Dr. Fred Kofman at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He has been helping executives worldwide solve important career questions and leadership issues with this unique method.

When I came to see Jeremy I needed to make an important career decision. I really needed clarity and fast results. Jeremy’s Career DNA session was one of the most laser-focused advising sessions I have ever experienced.


His unique method gave me powerful insights and precise career advice I needed. I strongly recommend Jeremy’s work.”


-Suzaan Sauerman, Global Marketing Senior Director Jabra linkedin-logo-new

In my sessions with Jeremy I have experienced greater clarity about my professional life than I have during a lot more sessions with other professional business coaches.


Using Jeremy’s Career DNA profile method has sorted away the “noise” of my work life enabling me to focus on making the right business and career decisions.


I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone wanting great clarity in their professional life.”


-Rasmus Clausen, Head of Minister’s and Executive Office. Danish Ministry of Defence linkedin-logo-new

20 years offering Leadership Development
Seminars and Keynotes

It has been a true pleasure and inspiration to work with Jeremy Klein in my leadership team over the last 6 months around the topic of Trusted Leadership.


Jeremy is an excellent key note speaker and has been a fantastic facilitator in bringing a deep understanding and a toolbox around Leadership Trust in my leadership team covering the Nordic countries, Poland and Baltics.


Trusted Leadership is now one of three key pillars in how we want to lead, interact together and reach our overall vision. I already look forward to the next session we will have with Jeremy.”


-Rasmus Kofoed, Regional Business Director, Medtronic linkedin-logo-new

Christina Ørnstrand

In January 2015 the NEW Network launched it’s annual conference with 100 C-level executives from Denmark’s leading companies.


Jeremy gave a fantastic keynote speech on values based Leadership.


Jeremy is a charismatic speaker who managed to make us reflect and gave us something practical to take home. The audience was inspired and truly engaged.

-Christina Ørnstrand, Founder and Director of NEW – Network of Executive Women linkedin-logo-new

About Jeremy


In 1995 Jeremy started working as an executive coach and leadership consultant with Dr. Fred Kofman at M.I.T.s Sloan School of Management. With Fred he spent 9 years advising hundreds of senior executives and their teams at General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Xerox, Shell Oil, Hewlett Packard, Intel, among others.


Jeremy holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s a corporate communication expert and co-founded the strategic communications company called Bonfire Communications.


As a Leadership consultant he worked on the redesign of Starbuck’s Human Resources division, the culture reorganization of Shell Services International, the internal rebranding of the Finance division of  Nestle USA, among many other projects.


Jeremy spent 5 years working in Scandinavia.  He was an Associate Lecturer at AVT Business School in Copenhagen, and the lead designer of their Leadership Excellence Program for MBAs.


He now lives in Florida and travels extensively throughout the US and internationally.

20 years trusted by
global companies



I have turned to Jeremy several time with important career decisions.


Jeremy’s unique Career DNA and Leadership DNA process helped me see the bigger picture – supporting me to clearly see the best path for me to follow. Each time I work with Jeremy I feel optimistic and excited about my next steps.


He is so inspirational and has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking something more out of their professional and personal life.

-Soulaima Gourani, CEO CapitalAid, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, TED Mentor for TED Fellows linkedin-logo-new

What a fantastic experience it was to get my Career DNA mapped and explained by Jeremy.


I have used MBTI (Myers-Briggs) and DISC assessment tools on both a personal and on a managerial level several times in my professional career in the past, and did not think it was possible to move to a more personal and detailed level than that – I was wrong.


I was very moved and surprised about how personal Jeremy described me, even highlighting aspects that I know, but never talked with anybody about before. I have since my meeting with Jeremy used my session recordings several times as career guidance and personal development reminders.


This, combined with Jeremy’ great personality and always positive attitude, makes this one of the easiest recommendations to write: Try it!

-Jonas B. Borrit, Vice President Beer and Beverage, Alectia. Alectia is one of the leading consulting firms in Denmark linkedin-logo-new

Jeremy is the person you need to consult in a critical situation or when you are thinking of new directions and changes in your professional life.


His extensive insights to human nature and a unique capability to understand a person’s Career DNA and Leadership DNA, makes him second to none when it comes to fostering full Leadership potential.


Jeremy has given me great clarity which surpassed what I expected, and has helped me in achieving great results. He has my strongest recommendations.”

-Anders Ibsen, Head of Learning and Development, Nordea Bank. Nordea is the largest financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic region linkedin-logo-new

A truly inspiring and insightful experience to get my Career DNA and Leadership DNA sessions from Jeremy.


I took a career decision last year and the Career DNA session confirmed that it was very wise of me to do so. It would have been disastrous for me to go the other way.


In the session I also clearly saw I am on the right track, that is why my work life is feeling so meaningful.


I have always believed that we are all here for a reason.  Jeremy can help you find your way, and he does it in an extremely professional way that appeals to both intuitive and rational minded people.”

-Hanne Lindblad, CEO of Call Me, Telia. Telia is the dominant telephone company in Sweden and Finland linkedin-logo-new

A truly fantastic, effective and giving experience – a gift that every leader should award oneself. Never before have I been able to see my Career DNA and professional potential as clearly as during my session with Jeremy.”

-Tina Moe, Senior Vice President, Alectia. Alectia is one of the leading consulting firms in Denmark linkedin-logo-new

AVT is one of the leading accredited Business Schools in Scandinavia.


We are very proud to have Jeremy associated with our Business School. Jeremy is developing our MBA students using his Career DNA and Leadership DNA profiling process.


On a regular basis I get the opportunity to get feedback from our MBA students about Jeremy’s advising. Most recently from a senior executive in the beverage industry, who expressed that it has been the single most important and game changing career advising experience she had ever had.


I can only highly recommend Jeremy to any bold executive seeking to reach the next level.”

-Henrik Waitz, CEO, AVT Business School linkedin-logo-new

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